Accident Lawyer White Plains, NY Accident Lawyer White Plains, NY

As an accident victim, losses can be substantial, and with the stakes so high, working with our accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, should be one of your top priorities. Our firm will work closely with you by reviewing your case to determine whether you have a solid legal claim against the responsible party. Should it be in your best interest to move forward, the Law Offices of Frank X. Young, PLLC, will work diligently to represent you. We will prepare proper legal documents, assist with gathering evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies for the best outcome possible.   

Key Elements to Pursue Your Case

As an accident victim, it’s only natural to be unsure whether taking legal action is the appropriate next step. By consulting with a lawyer, you will have the opportunity to discuss the details of your particular situation to determine the best course of action. When a member of our team reviews your case, we will look for the following elements to build a strong claim against the party responsible: 

  • There was a presence of duty of care
  • The responsible party failed to exercise reasonable responsibility
  • Injuries or damages resulted from the accident
  • You can prove that you sustained injuries from the accident

Once we review your case, you will obtain a clear picture of whether you can take legal recourse. Should it be in your best interest to move forward, our White Plains, New York accident lawyer, can assist you through each step of the process. 

Managing the Negotiations Process

Once the demand letter has been sent, an adjuster from the insurance company will be assigned to review the claim. One of the most stressful components of pursuing an accident claim is dealing with insurance companies and the negotiations that are sure to follow. Once the adjuster reviews your case, they will determine whether to offer a settlement. Typically, the first offer will be a low one and is often disappointing. However, know that this is the case much of the time. While some victims may choose to accept, it may be possible to receive a settlement offer you deserve. Having the guidance of a lawyer will be critical as they can advise you regarding proper recourse and handle counteroffers. 

Rely on Our Team!

Contending with insurance companies and attorneys can be daunting. Keep in mind that the opposing side will be looking to disprove your claim, and anything you do or say could ultimately impact the outcome of your case. This is a primary reason to rely on legal professionals who not only have experience but that you can trust. When losses have incurred, you need our firm to stand by your side, build your case, protect your interests and fight for what you are entitled to. With our services, you can expect: 

  • To work with a professional who will build a strong case against those responsible
  • To have a proper value assigned to your claim 
  • To receive guidance when making critical case decisions
  • Access to vast resources available at your fingertips
  • A team prepared to take further steps if a settlement is not reached through negotiations

Someone injured could be dealing with serious physical impairments that may require extensive treatment and, in some cases, require long-term care. The Law Offices of Frank X. Young, PLLC, has the experience and resources you need during this incredibly challenging time in your life. Please don’t hesitate to meet with our White Plains, NY accident lawyer to get started.