Accident Lawyer White Plains NY

Accident Lawyer in White Plains, NYAn accident lawyer in White Plains, New York can help you determine if you have a solid case on your hands. It can be difficult to tell if you have a personal injury case on your hands, and without the proper attorney guidance, you may be left struggling to make ends meet and swamped by expensive medical bills. However, with the help of the Law Offices of Francis X. Young, PLLC, you can better understand your case and how best to pursue compensation. 

The deciding factors of a personal injury case are negligence and responsibility. Every case is different, so the share of responsibility can be divided between multiple parties, or it can rest solely on one party that caused your injuries. To better understand this relationship between responsibility and negligence, it’s best to consider a few common examples.

  • Car Accidents: For the sake of our first example, let’s say you were driving a car and minding your own business. You’re paying attention to the road, safely navigating through the morning traffic, and suddenly, you get t-boned at an intersection. The other driver was texting, (or otherwise distracted) and ran a stop sign, running right into your car and completely ruining your day. That’s going to be expensive – and you might even need medical care. But who should pay? Obviously the other driver, but are there other parties that could be held responsible? If an intersection is planned poorly, even a city can be held responsible for a bad enough accident.
  • Slip and Falls: In our next hypothetical, let’s examine what can happen when you’re not behind the wheel of a vehicle. Slips and falls may seem relatively innocent at first, but the reality is that these injuries can cause serious medical issues later on. If you were shopping, or maybe grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant, and you suddenly slipped and fell on a wet floor, you could hold the business accountable for failing to mark the wet floor as needed. This can be especially important if you think your innocent slip might lead to more severe health issues later on.
  • Work Accidents: If you work in a hazardous environment (such as a construction site) or even in a less chaotic workplace (like an office) you should always be mindful of possible accidents. If a scaffolding collapses out from under you, or an “ergonomic” keyboard gives you carpal tunnel, who can be held responsible for your injuries? An accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, can help you get the financial compensation you need, assuming you provide as much information as possible about your case.

Whatever the cause and whatever your case, a serious injury can put your life on hold. They can also result in expensive medical bills and a lengthy recovery period – a challenging time in which you aren’t able to return to work and stack paychecks. This difficult financial situation can make your recovery even harder, since you may end up focused more on staying afloat financially than actually getting better.

If you’ve experienced an injury due to the negligence of someone else, you deserve financial compensation. Reach out to the Law Offices of Francis X. Young, PLLC, and see what a White Plains, NY, accident lawyer can do for you.