Child Victims Act Lawyer in White Plains, NY

Child-Victims-Act-Lawyer-White-Plains-NYThe Child Victims Act provides a way for you to recover from age-old traumas, and a Child Victims Act lawyer in White Plains, New York can help you understand how the Child Victims Act affects you.

What is the Child Victims Act?

The Child Victims Act was recently passed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. This act affects all residents of New York, and gives survivors of childhood sexual abuse a way to seek justice for abuse they suffered, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. The Child Victims Act gives survivors a new way to heal old wounds, and if you’re a resident of New York who experienced childhood sexual abuse, you’re now able to seek damages, no matter how long ago the abuse took place.

A way to heal

Childhood sexual abuse can destroy a life. It results in serious trauma, and it permanently scars the survivor. They may resort to self harm or substance abuse to cope with their experience, and they may experience a lifetime of depression, unwarranted guilt, and other serious disorders and challenges. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse were robbed of a good life that they deserved, and the ghost of their abuse can hang over them throughout their entire lifetime.

If you experienced childhood sexual abuse (no matter how long ago) it’s never too late to start down the road to recovery and rehabilitation. Thanks to recent legal developments, you may finally get closure, get your life back, and start living the life you were meant to enjoy.

Recovering with the Child Victims Act

While the Child Victims Act is designed to help you recover, there are still legal hurdles you may have to navigate when you file your claim. This can be a challenge to handle by yourself, but a qualified Child Victims Act lawyer in White Plains, NY, can help you get through the process. Contacting a Child Victims Act lawyer means you’ll have a valuable resource to provide information you need regarding filing a claim, and an important ally on your side when it’s time to get closure and compensation.

If you decide to pursue a Child Victims Act claim, you can trust the Law Offices of Francis X. Young, PLLC, to help you get the most out of your claim. We have an accomplished track record and have helped numerous survivors of sexual abuse get the compensation they deserve, and we provide personalized case preparation for each and every client that comes through our doors. At the Law Offices of Francis X. Young, we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions to your legal issues, we provide in-depth and dedicated care, and we strive to ensure you get on the right track to recovery.

It’s never too late to begin recovery. If you need a Child Victims Act lawyer in White Plains, NY, reach out and contact the Law Offices of Francis X. Young, PLLC, for a free consultation.