If you’re involved in a severe accident, you’re going to have many questions about what you need to be doing in the days and weeks that follow. One of the most important questions is going to be whether or not you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

In the vast majority of cases, the answer to the question “do I need a personal injury attorney after an accident?” is a resounding yes.

When to Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are no specific guidelines as to when you should set up a consultation with a personal injury law firm, but the general rule is that the sooner the better. This is true even for people that are not sure if talking to an accident attorney is right for them. Having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side throughout every step of the process is going to be a significant advantage to you throughout your personal injury claim; and the good news is that in most cases, you can retain a lawyer on contingency meaning that you do not need to pay them upfront.

1. The Insurance Company is Not Cooperating

One of the biggest issues that people who have been injured, such as in a car accident case, is that their insurance company is acting in bad faith. This can add an additional headache to an already stressful situation, as decisions surrounding medical bills and damaged property are going to need to be made; if you can’t get definitive answers from your insurance company, this process can be a lot harder and more stressful than it needs to be. This is why the first call you make after you leave the emergency room, or after the accident investigation team leaves the scene, should be to a lawyer that deals in New York personal injury law.

2. You Have Been Severely Injured

If you are severely injured in an accident, dealing with the damage that has been done to your property, the wellbeing of others that might have been involved in the accident, and your financial responsibilities that arise from it are going to be top-of-mind. Calling a lawyer with experience in personal injury cases to help with these issues might be the last thing on your mind, when it should be the first. Why? A lawyer can help you plan how to deal with all of the issues that you’re confronting due to the accident.

3. Liability is Unclear

Many accident victims either don’t call a personal injury lawyer, or wait too long to call one because they are unsure about who was liable. Many worry that they might have had some liability in the accident, and thus are not entitled to compensation. This is not true, and is certainly not a determination that a person should make on their own. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the issues surrounding liability, and they are going to be the ones to best inform you of how to proceed, regardless of what your concerns are regarding fault.

4. Multiple Parties are Involved

When an accident occurs, it is common for there to be multiple parties involved, and this can complicate the matter, especially when it comes to who is liable for compensation, and who is entitled to receive compensation. Having multiple parties involved in an accident should not be a reason to delay getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer. Many people feel that they need to try to sort out matters among the parties before calling a lawyer, and this is not the case. Call a personal injury attorney first, as they will advise you on how to deal with the complications surrounding multiple parties.

How a Personal Injury Attorney in Westchester County Can Help You

Getting into a severe accident can be a very difficult situation. A personal injury attorney’s job is to help take care of the legal issues and settlement so that you can focus on your recovery and wellness.

Here are some of the specific ways a personal injury attorney can help you after an accident has occurred.

  • Help you to understand your rights and the different options you have for recovering money related to your claim.
  • Fight for your interests against insurance companies that are acting in bad faith.
  • Help you avoid making missteps in the process that could hinder your ability to get a maximum settlement offer in the future.
  • Help investigate the circumstances of your case to gather necessary evidence that will put you in a better position to receive the settlement offer that you deserve.
  • Help you to identify the parties that are liable for damages in your case.
  • Do the filing with your insurance provider on your behalf.
  • Help you to properly document the damages that have been incurred.
  • Fight for you so that you are able to receive the settlement you deserve for your claim.
  • Negotiate with medical providers and health insurance providers on your behalf to decrease medical liens and claims of subrogation.
  • Advise you on matters related to statute of limitations pertaining to your case.
  • If needed, file a personal injury lawsuit.

Think You Need a White Plains, New York Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’re wondering whether you need a personal injury lawyer in New York, then the next step to take would be to schedule a free consultation with the Law Offices of Francis Young. It is a no-obligation call, and you will find out everything you need to know about your situation and whether retaining the services of a personal injury law firm is right for you. Don’t leave it to chance, contact us today and let us show you how we can help.

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