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At the law offices of Francis X. Young, our personal injury attorneys and civil rights attorneys have been litigating successfully in New York City, White Plains and Hudson Valley for decades.

Welcome! I’m Francis X. Young, the principal of the law offices of Francis X. Young. We’re glad you decided to visit our website. You’re here because you have a legal problem in the area of personal injury, malpractice or civil rights, or you simply want to learn more about the law. You’ve come to the right place to get your questions answered. In the pages of this website, you’ll find the information you need and, just maybe, something more.

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The Law Offices of Francis X. Young Provide Superb legal Representation in: Personal Injury, Malpractice, Civil Rights and Commercial Litigation in New York City, White Plains and New York State

Our founder, Mr. Francis X. Young, graduated from Fordham Prep, Boston College and Fordham Law School. Before starting the present firm, Mr. Young worked for Francis J. Young, Esq., his father. Subsequently, Mr. Young worked for Louis D. Broccoli Esq. and later was a founder of Young and Bartlett, LLP. Throughout his career, Mr. Young has learned and practiced in various areas of law including criminal, real estate, probate and contracts. However the demands of litigating the personal injury, medical malpractice, civil rights and commercial cases have resulted in a choice to only take these types of cases. Mr. Young’s litigation and negotiation skills best serve his clients by concentrating in these areas that demand meticulous preparation by a skilled litigator.

Verdict & Settlements


$7,640,000 Verdict – Following trial in the Bronx a jury awarded our Putnam county Plaintiff $7,640,000.00 for injuries he suffered working at a NYC construction site. The defendants appealed to a five Judge panel in Manhattan and several years later most of the award was upheld and with added interest we collected in excess of $8,000,000. The award included $700,000.00 for the construction worker’s wife.


$3,900,000.00  settlement for a widow whose husband died as a result of medical malpractice committed by a vascular surgeon. This case took longer than normal as at the first trial the Judge actually dismissed the case. We appealed and the appellate court reversed the trial Judge and reinstated the case. We settled as we were about to select a jury on a retrial.


$2,000,000 –  A Judge in Putnam County, at a bench trial, awarded our client $2,000,000.00 for injuries resulting in an assault at a bar. This was part of a dram shop claim.


$315,000 –  A Federal jury in Manhattan (which included an FBI agent) awarded our retired Westchester County police officer $315,000.00 including punitive damages (very rare) for aggravation of a prior shoulder injury he received when a local police officer shoved him into a wall at a high school basketball game. Defendants appealed to the U.S. Second Circuit Court and the verdict was upheld.


Lawyers throughout New York Refer Cases To Our Experienced Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice & Civil Rights Attorneys

The Law Offices of Francis X Young PLLCMany of the clients we presently represent have been referred to us by lawyers in those other fields who do not handle personal injury cases. We also are referred cases by lawyers who are employed by insurance companies and are not allowed to represent plaintiffs. That is proof that we fight hard, we fight fair, we respect our adversaries, do not burn bridges and try to maintain good relationships with defense lawyers and insurance companies.

Mr. Young himself has been consulted and hired as an expert witness in numerous legal malpractice cases. The Law Offices of Francis X. Young is a personal injury, malpractice and civil rights firm that gives its clients what they need, when they need it…decades of combined trial and verdict experience, joined with meticulous preparation, and dedicated representation during a time of significant stress. Our clients come to us because they have suffered personal injury due to another’s negligence (individual or business) and their lives have been changed.

Did a doctor fail to diagnose cancer? Our malpractice attorneys understand the consequences of that error, and are prepared to aggressively pursue appropriate compensation. Or perhaps you have suffered the indignity and possible injury associated with an unjust arrest. Our civil rights attorneys take great pride in their experience in Constitutional law, and will use that experience to support your case. Any of these occurrences, and many other events, are extremely damaging. And some may permanently compromise the life of you or a loved one. If you find yourself a victim of negligence or malpractice you will have immediate questions and needs about what to do now and how to protect you and your family. We can answer ALL of your questions.

At the Law Offices of Francis X. Young, We Fight For Our Clients

Did you suffer a significant injury in a motor vehicle accident or construction site accident?

Until you suffer from a personal injury, from any cause, you have no idea how devastating such an occurrence can be. You never plan for it and it always happens instantly.

Immediately you are consumed with pain and your life is turned upside down. Questions arise–Who will pay for my medical care? What if I am out of work? Who should I talk to? Will my life return to normal?

At our offices, we actually can answer all of your questions and we will work closely with you to protect you and exact the compensation you are entitled to. Unfortunately, we cannot undo the accident or injury. The only remedy our society provides in such situations is an economic recovery.

Your economic recovery will be fought by billion dollar insurance companies and their lawyers. When you enter the stadium of personal injury litigation you better bring your “A” game if you want to win. WE ARE YOUR “A” GAME. Before you choose a law firm to present you–meet with us and speak to us…at no cost to you. WE will fully explain how your legal battle will play out. Every question you have will be answered. Most importantly we will keep you advised of all developments and promptly return your calls and emails.

You can see in these pages that we handle any type of injury-causing accident or event. We know medicine–We know anatomy–We know evidence– We know the methods and tricks of the insurance companies–We know the law–We learn the facts of your case and we develop your case to present to insurance company executives and lawyers and juries. Our best successes have been when insurance companies do not negotiate in good faith and force us to trial. The goal is always to settle but we are always prepared to go all the way.

Every case has its own facts. We promptly assess what experts we may need to secure evidence and prepare for discovery and depositions. We will find the necessary experts such as doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, accident reconstruction experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, accountants, economists, scientists and more.

Successful results. One client at a time. We believe that’s the best recipe for winning your case.

Thank you for exploring our site. We’re certain it will start you thinking….


Francis X. Young