When facing DUI charges, it is important that you understand that this is not the same as any other traffic ticket. A DUI conviction can not only besmirch your character and reputation, but it can mean that you may not have a driver’s license or you may not be able to get certain jobs. Before you plead guilty to driving under the influence, speak with a local attorney to talk about what kind of representation you may be able to get and what kinds of defenses there are. It is always worth fighting to get these serious charges dropped or reduced. 

What can you expect the prosecution to try and prove?

When you decide to go up against these charges, you want to know exactly what the prosecution will be trying to prove against you. They will need to show that:

  1. You were driving the vehicle in question
  2. While you were driving, you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol

What can an officer do during a court appearance?

While the chemical evidence showing you were allegedly impaired would be very important, a judge will also be basing a decision on the police officer’s testimony. They may discuss how you were performing field tests, how you were driving, how you were talking, and if they could smell alcohol or drugs on you. 

You may be wondering how you can fight a police officer’s testimony if you suspect police misconduct. It is possible to do so, especially if you are working with a lawyer.  They can introduce witnesses’ testimonies who were there at the time the alleged offense occurred who may be able to vouch for you, especially if they believe they saw something completely different from the arresting officer. 

Your appearance as being under the influence of alcohol can also be argued. You may have had bloodshot eyes because you are a long-time sufferer of seasonal allergies. Or, you may be dealing with fatigue after a long shift at work. It is important to remember as many details as you can so that you can fight against these accusations. 

Remember, you do not have to accept these charges. You have the right to fight against them. A local attorney is ready to take your call when you are looking for legal help after a DUI accusation. 

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