Medical providers and facilities are responsible for providing care and treatment when you are at your worst. However, there are times when these attempts fall flat and cause further illness or injury.

A medical malpractice law firm in New York deals with medical mistakes due to negligence. When a facility or provider acts improperly and without exercising regard for the standard of patient care, the result may be malpractice. If you are wondering what a malpractice case looks like, explore these three examples.

1. Birth Injury

Injuries to newborn babies are decreasing, but they do still occur. Some of the most common reasons for birth injuries have to do with a failure to intervene when labor and delivery go too long. Some injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder, can happen when a doctor tries to assist the baby through the birth canal. When a medical provider does not heed the warnings about a difficult delivery, a baby may become distressed. A baby who is not progressing through the delivery process may become deprived of oxygen if the umbilical cord is compressed. A lack of oxygen may have a lasting impact on the brain of a baby. Cerebral palsy is attributed to a birth injury.

2. Infection

When you are admitted to the hospital for a procedure or illness, it is because the doctor feels like your condition needs constant access to medical care. You expect to leave a hospital feeling better than when you entered. What happens, though, if an admission makes you sicker? Infections can happen at medical facilities due to a variety of reasons. Insufficient sanitation may be one way that patients get sick. Other times, the staff themselves may transmit germs by failing to exercise proper hand-washing. In long-term care situations, a patient may develop bedsores, a serious illness. These skin ulcers occur when a patient is not properly cared for and left to remain in a prone position for too long.

3. Missed Diagnosis

Doctors do not always get a diagnosis right the first time. This is not in and of itself grounds for malpractice. However, when a doctor misses the signs and symptoms of an illness or waits too long to intervene, the result may worsen the condition. In this instance, it may rise to negligence and, therefore, medical malpractice. If a doctor does not proceed along a reasonable and expected path to diagnosing you, it may prove detrimental to your health.

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